In the production of armature “Bularmex-IK” Ltd. uses many years of experience, traditions and innovations in the world practice. The production of forged stop valves (V46.2) and regulating (V40.2) high pressure valves is particularly strong: carbon and alloy steel with the following parameters:

Diameters  from DN10 to DN65; Pressure  PN10 to PN42 MPa; Operating temperature  up to 600’C

The main advantages of our high pressure valves are: reliability at work, repairability, long life in working cycles, modern design, competitive price.

  • Materials: Wrought carbon and alloy steel

  • 8 nominal diameters combined into 4 forgings

  • Saddle – stellite

  • Joining: Welding and flanges according to EN, DIN, ASTM, CSN, GOST

  • Monolithic screw made of high temperature steel (X22CrMoV12-1)

  • Screw Head: Welding stellite & made under special R

  • Precision cast steel cover

  • Running nut: Iron-aluminum bronze with hardness 120-140 HB, high temperature resistant

  • 100% repairability:

    • Easy to disassemble and assemble using a clamp connection

    • Repair without dismantling of the pipework

  • Camp guide and dust catcher