Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap|Cast Iron

Product Name: Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap|Cast Iron

SIZE: DN15~DN100 (1/2”~4”)

Material: Cast Iron

Float and thermostatic traps are mechanical units that operate on both density and temperature principles. The float valve operates on the density principle. A level connects the ball float to the valve and seat. Once condensate reaches a certain level in the trap, the float rises, opening the orifice and draining condensate. A water seal formed by the condensate prevents live steam loss.

Since the discharge valve is under water, it is not capable of venting air and non-condensables. When the accumulation of air and con-condensable gases causes a significant temperature drop, a thermostatic air vent in the top of the trap discharges them. The thermostatic vent opens at a temperature a few degrees below saturation, so it’s able to handle a large volume of air-through an entirely separate orifice-but at a slightly reduced temperature.

* Float-Thermostatics steam traps complete by the differential temperature type exhaust valve and the float ball stem and valve seat.


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