Pressure Equalizing Valve

Product Name: Pressure Equalizing Valve

Model: TT-40YA2GC & TT-50YA2GC

Size: DN40, DN50 (1-1/2”, 2”)

Pressure rating: PN16, PN 25, PN40(Class 150, Class 300)

Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel

The TT-40YA2GC and TT-50YA2GC Pressure Equalizing valve are special designed for the hydrogen seal oil systems of 300MW and 600MW classes hydrogen cooled generators. This Pressure Equalizing valve also can be used in the systems that high-pressure oil transforming to low-pressure oil are needed. Pressure Equalizing valve also called Pressure Reducing Regulator or Pressure balancing control valve.

Application:  for maintaining seal oil pressure at a constant differential to the hydrogen gas pressure.

Technical Performance

· Input pressure: 0.9~2.5Mpa

· Output pressure: 0~0.8MPa

· Output pressure stability: ±0.01Mpa

· Maximal flow: 6.7 L/s

· Seat leakage: ≤0.01 L/s

· Body size: 40mm,50mm

Principles of operation

The downstream pressure of the Pressure Equalizing valve is acting on the surface of the diaphragm and pushes the stem to open or close the regulator. The outlet pressure will changed with the regulator open or close. Adjusting the spring force and moving the diaphragm to setting the pressure needed. When the outlet pressure drops, the spring force pushes the diaphragm downwards move to open the regulator. The outlet pressure will be raised. When the outlet pressure goes higher, the diaphragm upwards move to close the regulator. The outlet pressure will be reduced. Thus, the downstream pressure will maintained within a operating range needed.


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