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The goal of the project

ARS ENDÜSTRİYEL, which was established in Istanbul in September-2013, is mainly divided into three branches; automation, water treatment-conditioning, sampling, online analysis and monitoring systems, industrial type high pressure high temperature control valves for energy, chemistry-petrochemical plants and the water and wastewater sector for the last few years. works on valve actuators and accessories, industrial control systems design, production, sale and after sales services. To elaborate;

•In power plants, high pressure boilers and steam turbines are frequently exposed to the corrosive effects of elements such as Silica, Sodium, Dissolved Oxygen, Calcium, Chlorine and Phosphate, and these parameters cannot be measured and monitored precisely, resulting in accumulation in turbine and turbine blades, heavy mechanical damage and reduced efficiency. To solve this problem, the first time in our company design and installation completely done by ARS 101 and 102 samples in which the steam conditioner and Water Analysis Sampling System in Turkey (SWAS) is used. This service, which ensures continuous sampling from the water and steam cycle, keeps the system afloat and helps to ensure efficient production by protecting the power balance of the enterprises.

•In addition to Sampling SWAS systems, control valves are produced for power plants and steam lines and in these valves, we work in cooperation with BULARMEX, which we partner with in terms of temperature and pressure findings that exceed a certain value.

•On the water and wastewater side, our company designs and develops Continuous (Online) Wastewater Monitoring Systems-SAIS, which works completely integrated with the software we produce, within the scope of controlling whether the wastewater outlets / discharge stations of the facilities are working properly, and thus, it contains chemical content that exceeds certain limits. poisonous waters are prevented from mixing into our rivers, lakes and seas. If these poisonous water is discharged, instant witness samples are taken and sent directly to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.