On-Lıne Monitoring

Today in power plants, high pressure boilers and steam turbines are under constant attack from erosive and corrosive elements such as Silica, Sodium, Dissolved Oxygen, Calcium, Chloride and Phosphates. Without accurate measurement and monitoring, the plant may suffer heavy mechanical damages that can be caused due to imbalance of turbines, reduced efficiency, deposition on turbine blades, corrosion of steam pipe work and so on.

Our Steam and Water Analysis System (SWAS) is designed to keep you in power. SWAS assures the safety of your boiler and turbines, by taking along and analsing up to a dozen samples from all the water and steam circuits. In today’s supercritical power plants, sample conditions as high as 600 degree C and 420 bars are quite common. The ARS SWAS can easily take care of these samples. To protect your equipment our SWAS works in two stages:

1. Sample Conditioning

2. Sample Analysis