PN 160-400 • DN 65-400 • Tmax 650 ° C
Check valves are self-acting valves protecting against back pressure of the medium. They are intended for water, steam, gases and other fluids in energy, chemical industry, as well as for application in other industries depending on the choice of material. Check valves cannot be used as stop valves.
The housing is made of forged steel. The disc is inserted into the housing through a self-sealing cover. The saddle bushes are welded to the valve body and are welded with carbide. The lid seal has special graphite seals. Check valves can be fitted with bypass on request.
Check valves are automatic devices.
The fittings are subject to hull and saddle strength and leakage tests and a functionality test according to EN 12266, API 598 as standard with water. Other tests may also be carried out if necessary.
Connecting to the pipeline:
Flanged or welded.
Non-return valves may be mounted on horizontal pipelines with the flap pointing upwards or on vertical pipelines, with the direction of the fluid corresponding to the arrow of the housing indicating the direction of the medium.