Intelligent Multi-turn actuator

Large graphic LCD
Non-intrusive setting
Wireless setting via remote controller or Bluetooth
IP68 waterproof
(under water, depth of 8m for 72 hours long)
2-wire fieldbus communication
(Profibus, Modbus, F/F, HART)
Ex d IIC T4 explosion-proof (optional)

LCD window and error signal maintained even
during power failure
Operating history of torque and limit tracked
Advance notification function for maintenance
and repair
Data logging and Diagnostics
Large LCD screen provides high recognition rate
and variety in information displayed
Setting function via local control switch, remote
controller or wireless device(i.e. via Smartphone,
without opening the cover-Non-intrusive setting)
Data logging and various status check of actuator
High resolution absolute encoder for position sensing
Two(2) torque sensors, i.e. One for open and one
for close independently