Gates are shut-off valves for water, steam, gases and other working environments in the energy, chemical, and other industrial sectors, depending on the choice of material. 


Forged housing and lid of cast or welded construction. The saddle bushings are pressed into the body and welded with a tight seam. The sealing surfaces are welded with carbide material. The sealing screw of the screw and the self-sealing cover ring are made of expanded graphite. Slides can be designed with a full pressure relief system. Bypass mounting is an option.


Handle, electric drive or gearbox. In the case of remote control – direct. Handwheels can be fitted with a locking mechanism.


The fittings are subject to hull and saddle strength and leakage tests and a function test according to EN 12266, standard with water. Other tests may also be carried out if necessary.

Connecting to the pipeline:

Flanged or welded


Fittings can be installed in

any situation.