API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valve

Forged steel gate valves are available in three bonnet design. The first design is the bolted bonnet type, with male and female joint, spiral wound gasket, and make of F304L or graphite. Ring joint gasket is also available on request. The second design is the welded bonnet which with a threaded and seal welded joint. On request a full penetration strength welded joint is available. The third design is the pressure seal bonnet which with a threaded and pressure seal bonnet joint.

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Product Name: API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valve

Design standard: API 602/BS5352

Flange connecting end: ASME B16.5

Butt welding connecting end: ASME B16.25

Wall thickness: API 602/ASME B16.34

Inspection and test: API 602

Pressure and temperature rating: ASME B16.34

Size: NPS ½″~NPS 3″, CL150~CL2500

Material: A105LF2F11F22F51F91F304F316F304LF316L

Drive device: Handle, Gear, Electric, Pneumatic


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