Large Sized Pressure Balanced Cage Type Control valve

Product Name: Large Sized Pressure Balanced Cage Type Control valve
Type: Straight-through, cast globe valve

Size: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” (DN350 – DN500)

Pressure Rating: ANSI 150 ~ ANSI 300 (PN16~PN64, JIS10K~JIS30K)

Body Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel

Operation: Pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Pneumatic piston actuator, Electric actuator


ALVB/ALVM series large sized pressure balanced cage type control valves have high-performance specifications and are designed for heavy duty service. The valve body has large capacity, wide range ability and high accuracy flow characteristics. The valve plug is structured in a

pressure balanced type that permits flow control of high differential pressure with a small actuating force. A piston ring (seal ring) put around the valve plug restrains a excessive flow between the valve plug and the cage and prevents from seat leakage and sticking problems. A powerful diaphragm actuator or high-performance piston cylinder actuator is mounted on the valves and realized stable fluid control.

Therefore, the model ALVB/ALVM are widely applicable for control of high differential pressure process lines where dynamic stability, low noise and anti-cavitation/flashing are required.


Body Type: Straight-through, cast globe valve

Nominal size: 14, 16, 18, 20 inches

 Pressure rating: 

• Model ALVB: JIS 10K, ANSI 150, JPI 150

• Model ALVM: JIS 20K, ANSI 300, JPI 300

 End connections: Flange end(RF)

For body/trim material combinations and operating temperature ranges, refer to Table 1.

Bonnet: Plain bonnet (-5 to 200°C)

Gland type: Bolted gland

Packing/Grease: Grease not provide

When V shaped PTFE packing and PTFE yarn packing is used.

Gasket Type: Serrated type

Material: SUS316 PTFE coating


Valve plug: Single seated pressure balanced type

Cage: Metal seat

(For flow characteristics, refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2.)

-Equal percentage (%V))

-Linear (LV)


For body/trim material combinations and operating temperature ranges, refer to Table 1.

Actuator Type:

-Single acting diaphragm actuator (Model VA5)

-Piston actuator (Model PPA6)

Action: Direct or reverse action


Type VA5: Cloth-embedded chloroprene rubber

Spring range

Type VA5

40 to 200 kPa {0.4 to 2.0 kgf/cmÇ}

80 to 240 kPa {0.8 to 2.4 kgf/cmÇ}

Supply pressure:

 Diaphragm actuator

Type VA5 : 270 kPa {2.8 kgf/cmÇ}

 Piston actuator

Type PPA : 490 kPa {5 kgf/cmÇ}

Note) Allowable differential pressure is depended on spring range and air supply pressure.

 Air connection: Rc1/4 or 1/4NPT internal thread

Note) Rc1/4 or 1/4NPT adapter is provided on Rc1/2 internal thread.

 Ambient temperature: -30 to 70 °C

Valve action

Air-to-close (Direct action actuator is combined.)

Air-to-open (Reverse action actuator is combined.)

Optional accessories

Positioner, pressure regulator with filter, hand wheel, limit switch, solenoid valve, motion transmitter, booster relay, lock-up valve, and others

Note) 1. For the optional items, refer to specification sheets and installation drawings of respective accessories.

          2. Accessories with an asterisk mark (*) are selected from among the following types depending on the actuators to be combined.

Additional specifications (by special order)

• Special inspection

Flow characteristics inspection, material inspection (material certificate), non-destructive inspection, steam inspection, low-temperature inspection

• With drain plug

• Double gland

• Oil/water free treatment

• Copper free treatment

• Stainless steel (SUS304) atmosphere-exposed nuts and bolts

• Special air piping and joint

• Sand-/ dust-preventive measures

• Saline damage countermeasures

• Cold-area use specifications

• Tropical-area use specifications

• Vacuum service

• Actuator yoke material SCPH2*

Note) *: SCPH2 is standard materials for model PPA6 actuator yoke


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