Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve

Product Name: Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve

Material: 316SS

  • Spool valve structure
  • Statics design
  • Material in 316SS
  • NASS coil, EExdII CT6

Approved by CE, ATEX  and NEPSI.


1. Offer excellent enviromental protection against the ingress of liquids, dust or other matter.

2. Suitable for use of 3/2 NC or 5/2 functions to control double acting and single acting pneumatic actuator.

3. Suitable for pilot operated with single/dual(mono/bi-stable)coils and low watt miniature pilot valve.

4. Suitable for use of standard coil or various flame-proof and intrinsically safe coils certified for use in all hazardous areas(Class I, Div. 1&2, Group A, B, C 5. and D. Eex d II CT6, Eex ia CT6 and Eex mb II T4 or T5).

6. Standard working temperature range of -25℃ to +80℃.

7. On special request suitable for use in high temperature +150℃ and low temperature -40℃ applications.

8. SS solenoid valve model SV610F3C4, SV610P1C4, SV610P2C4, SV210F1C4, SV110F1C5

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