Two Ways Double Seated Globe Control Valve

Product Name: Two ways double seated globe control valve

Size: 1.5”~ 16” (DN40-400)

Pressure Rating: 150 ~ 600LB (PN16~PN100)

Applicable temperature  range: -196C°~ 550C°

Body Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Connection: Flanged end, Butt-welding end

Operation: Pneumatic Diaphragm, Pneumatic Piston, Electric Actuator

TT-VDP Series control valve is an excellent choice for applications involving dirty fluids combined with high-pressure drops. Some typical service conditions and operating requirements include:

– Clean and dirty process fluids

– Moderate to high pressure drops

– Large flow capacities and operating range

– Resistant to process system vibration

– Low emissions and zero leakage options

TT-DTS series Double-seated control valve combines excellent high-pressure drop control performance along with the ability to handle dirty fluid applications. The dual port design provides a pressure balanced effect within the valve, which reduces actuator size and thrust requirements.

Dynamic force on plug tends to be balanced as flow tends to open one port and close the other. Reverse-Acting double portedGlobe-Style valve bodies normally have higher capacity than single-ported valves of same line size.

Many double-ported bodies reverse, so the valve plug can be install as either push down to open or push down to close.

Metal to metal seating of double-seated control valve usually provides only Class II shutoff capability, although Class III capability is also possible.

Port-guided valve plugs from THINKTANK are often used for on-off or low-pressure throttling service. Top and bottom guided valve plugs furnish stable operation for severe service conditions.

Design Feature

·  Strong flow capacity

·  Fluid mechanics design idea

·  Various trim structure

·  Large guiding area for stable movement

·  Wide adjustable range and high adjusting precise

·  Floating seat with well sealing capability

·  Modularized integral structure design for easy inter-changeable

·  Apply to control various fluid mediums


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