Self operated Pressure Regulator

Product Name: Self operated Pressure Regulator

Type: Self-operated Regulators

Size: 1/2” – 12” (DN15 – DN300)

Pressure Rating: Class 150 – Class 600 (PN16 – PN 100)

Body Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy steel

Operation: Self-operated pneumatic diaphragm actuator, Self-operated pneumatic piston actuator


Self-operated Pressure Regulator is composed of the control valve, actuator and a spring used for pressure setting.

It is suitable for controlling input/upstream pressure of valve(when the upstream pressure rises then the control valve is opened) or output/downstream pressure(when the downstream pressure rises then the control valve is closed) in the pipes of non-corrosive liquids, gases and steams.

It is widely used in such industries as petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, metallurgy, medicine, food industry, textile, machinery, heating and ventilating, etc.

Trim featurescage guided, balanced trim

Body typestraight-through type

Bonnet typestandard type

Flow characteristicquick open


Pressure classPN1.64.0, 10.0 Mpa(ANSI 150300LB, 600LB)

Leakage classASME B16.104 Ⅴ(soft seal), ASME B16.104 Ⅳ(metal to metal seal)

Pipe connection typeflange type

Set value error±8%

Applicable temperature range-30℃ 250℃

Actuator typediaphragm actuator(self-operated),piston actuator(self-operated)


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